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healthy food & salads

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Salad tastes good. Salad is low in calories. And salad can be prepared in thousands of variations. Salad is extremely well suited to raising the level of vital substances in the human blood.

Salad has a lot of vitamin C and is probably the most famous vitamin and most people know that vitamin C increases the body’s immune system and can therefore protect against disease.

What seems to be less well known, however, is that vitamin C has many other abilities and tasks in the organism. For example, it is necessary to be able to absorb iron.

Without vitamin C one can therefore suffer from an iron deficiency very well, even if one consumed large amounts of iron. An iron deficiency in turn leads to anemia, so that only a small amount of oxygen can be transported in the bloodstream. The muscles and also the brain are soon undersupplied, the nerves work more slowly, the immune system is weakened and the overall performance of the person decreases significantly.

Fortunately, salad and raw vegetables contain not only vitamin C, but also plenty of iron, so that salad eaters are usually optimally supplied in this area.

Phuket healthy food & salads
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